Connect Family Challenge

Starts 3rd August. 4 challenges in 2 weeks!! 

Families will receive packs to complete challenge with a prize for the winners. This is suitable for families with children of all ages!

Limited to 10 families so please contact us to register

Children's Art Workshop

Tuesday 18th August via zoom. 10:30-11:30 for 8-12 yr olds. Details to follow on Facebook

Community Day with Connect FRC & the Cable Project

Tuesday 28th July 4-6pm. Birds of Prey exhibition and Magic show. 

Families will be provided a picnic pack and will be allocated a family picnic spot. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. Family spots are limited and picnic blanket spots will be clearly marked to ensure social distancing and the safety of all that attend. Children will not be admitted without an adult. There will also be access to hand sanitizer stations. We ask that all that attend adhere to government guidelines re COVID 19 to make this a fun, stress free and safe event for all

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Additional Support

On the left are some additional helplines and their availability.

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