Our Vision

Connect FRC has a vision of a happy, healthy, vibrant, proud and independent community where families and individuals reach their full potential and take ownership of their lives.

Our Mission

Actively working with individuals, families, and the community to make a difference by creating a welcoming, non-judgemental space that meets ever-changing needs through listening, support, education and networking.

Guiding Principles/Statement of Values


The FRC offer a range of strengths based supports to families that primarily focus on early intervention across a range of levels and needs with the aim of promoting and protecting the health, wellbeing and rights of all children, young people and their families in their own homes and communities, with particular attention to those who are vulnerable or at risk.

To provide a diverse range of services to the community which is based on their needs and to adapt to the changing requirements, concerns, environments, socio-economic status etc. to maintain the centre as an open, relevant, respectful and progressive support.

To be a service that seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect to change within their communities and to create an environment where people can exercise their full potential to lead productive, creative lives. To support Community wellbeing (economic, social, environmental and cultural) by offering supports and services which are defined by the needs and goals of the community.

To offer opportunities for all members of the community to engage with our services and relevant/age appropriate events e.g. active age group, children, young people and men's/women's groups. To organise and celebrate these events in the community, to bring people together and build bridges between groups and individuals, to encourage a strong sense of community spirit and promote inclusion.


empower people to take positive actions within their community and come together to display a strong community voice which is based on honesty, the ability to listen and show regard for others opinions, to be organised and to communicate with purpose, respect and transparency.



To encourage and enable community led programmes/projects which celebrates and exhibits the skills, work and actions of the community as a whole with an ethos of social justice, participation, equality, diversity, learning and co-operation.



To endeavor to continue to provide a space which through engagement in courses, services and events leads to an outlet for building skills, friendships, meaningful interactions, and peer support which in turn can lead to improved self-confidence and esteem.



To make the centre an open, friendly and welcoming space which acts as a source of information, advice, advocacy, referral and opportunity. To be aware of the needs of individuals and the community and to be supportive and adaptable to meet and address those needs.


To provide a range of educational and hobby courses in a non-formal and non-judgmental community based setting. We aim to encourage and promote life-long learning and the development of individuals within their communities. We aim to develop these programmes and activities in partnership with our community. Its purpose is to empower and support individuals and communities to increase the skills and knowledge base, have fun and improve quality of life.



To provide volunteering and work/student placement opportunities which offers those engaged on the placement a valuable, educational and rewarding experience. To value and respect volunteers and provide ongoing supervision and support.

Our Volunteer Board of Management

Connect FRC is governed by a voluntary Board of Management which comprises of people with expertise and interest in Community Development and Family Support. We also have members who represent the local community who live within the Connect FRC catchment area. If you have an interest in becoming involved as a board member, please contact the coordinator for information on any vacancies on the board and the recruitment process. 

Ruth Hanratty-Chairperson
Janice Doolin-Vice Chairperson
Catriona Cunningham-Treasurer
Donna Kavanagh-Secretary
Noel Goff
David Hanratty
Gillian Meade
Niamh Geraghty
Ann Duggan