Our Courses

We offer a wide range of educational, social and parenting support programmes. These courses change regularly throughout the year

Family Support & Parenting Programmes

We operate our Parenting Support Programmes on a needs basis. Please see below the range of courses we offer. If you would like to attend one of our evidence based programmes, please contact the centre to register your interest and we will contact you once when a date for that particular programme has been confirmed. Please also follow us on social media for regular updates of programme start dates.
Baby Massage Programme
(International Association of Infant Massage) 5 week course
 Benefits of Baby Massage include stimulating neurological development, improving baby's health and general wellbeing, helping baby sleep better and for longer and it is a baby led class where parents can meet other new parents in a fun and relaxing environment. 

Baby Yoga
Benefits of baby yoga as a form of exercise  include supporting parents bonding with their little one while promoting the development of their babies’ gross and fine motor skills. This practice comes with many physiological benefits. It also improves social interactions among new parents and their babies. 

The Adolescents Programme

(Parents Plus) 6 Week Course

A practical and positive course on parenting adolescents .6 week parenting course for parents of 11-16 year olds.  Course content includes topics below:
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Create warm connected relationships
  • Positively discipline their adolescent
  • Negotiate rules and boundaries
  • Solve problems together
  • Communicate positively and effectively
  • Reduce their own stress as parents
Date TBC. Cost €10 for accompanying booklet.

 Working Things Out for 11-16 yr olds 
(Parents Plus) 6 week course
We are focusing this course on those transitioning from 6th class to 1st Year . An evidence-based CBT programme for adolescents promoting positive mental health and teaching coping skills to overcome specific problems. This course is based on fun, respectful and open discussions with their peers and facilitators. All those attending will receive a resilience pack.
Date TBC Cost €10

NVR-Non Violent Resistance
Parent Support Programme
This 8 week NVR programme provides parents with skills to use when they experience child to parent violence in their home. Participants are guided through a set of core principles which are adaptable to many situations by breaking the cycle of violent and destructive behaviour. This equips the parents with confidence & self-control which enables them to address these behaviours in an effective manner.

Please contact Ciara in Connect FRC on 0892084483 or Pamela in East Coast Family Resource Centre on 0876443364 to register to attend this course or to request further information. Date TBC
€5 registration fee to secure your place



The rainbows program supports children and young people effected by loss because of bereavement, separation or divorce.  Date TBC for when programmes can resume in line with Rainbows Ireland and Government COVID guidelines 

The Early Years Programme

(Parents Plus) 6 Week Course . An evidence-based parenting course promoting confidence, learning and positive behaviour in young children aged 1 to 6 years. Date TBC

              Parenting When Separated Programme  

(Parents Plus) 6 Week Course . This is a practical and positive evidence based course for parents who are preparing for, going through or have gone through a separation or divorce.  Date TBC


Community Adult Courses 

6 week programme due to start on Thursday 8th July. This course will take place via zoom or outdoors in Millmount Drogheda. €5 registration fee. All materials will be supplied. This course is funded through LMETB

Connect Women's Group

This group started in late January 2021. Participants have engaged in a variety of programmes and activities such as Chair yoga, Self Care and Make up Demo and Cookery. This is a participant led group and future courses, events and activities are discussed at the bi monthly coffee mornings. This project is funded by PEACE IV small grants programme which is managed by LMETB. Please contact Ciara or Sinead for further information

* CROCHET: No date has been set for when these classes can resume due to space limitations re COVID 19 in the Connect centre. Please follow us on facebook/instagram for any updates

Please contact centre for further  information or to book a course.

The Most Deprived (FEAD)
Our monthly hampers and yearly school packs are supported through the FEAD programme.
The FEAD programme is an EU-wide initiative to help support people take their first steps out of poverty and social exclusion. 85% of the funding comes from the EU with the balance of funding coming from the Irish Exchequer. The Department of Social Protection is the Managing Authority for FEAD in Ireland. Our charity benefits from food assistance. The FEAD programme provides non-perishable food via their charity partners to families and individuals in need. Food supplied consist of breakfast cereals, rice, pasta and pasta sauce, soups, canned fish, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, and canned vegetables and fruit. The food items are easy to transport and store. 

 Our charity also benefits from material assistance under the FEAD Programme. The programme provides school stationary kits to children who are being supported by FEAD food assistance in both national and secondary schools.

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